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Greenhouse Glass Dryer

Transform the way you dry to produce high quality products

Effective and sustainable drying solution

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Dry Faster, Work Smarter

Enjoy 50% faster drying time than traditional methods, saving you time and energy. 

Produce Safe and Quality Products

Produce hygienic end products in enclosed Greenhouse Glass Dryer that helps you to keep your products at a high level with controlled temperature and humidity.

Achieve Consistent Drying Temperatures with Double Glazed Glass

Our Greenhouse Glass Dryer uses double-glazed glass, filled with Argon gas to quickly dry large batches of produce while preserving their nutrients and flavour. 

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Experience Greater Ventilation with Air Inlet

Air inlet across ventilation with situated along wind flow path promotes clean air transfer into the Greenhouse Glass Dryer. 

Work Less, Dry More, Impact More

Enjoy the economic and environmental advantages of reducing reliance on manual labor with Greenhouse Glass dryer.

Minimise Labour Cost with Innovative Technology

Our Greenhouse Glass Dryer preserves food efficiently with solar energy, reducing labor and spoilage for farmers and food processors.

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Revolutionize Your Drying Process with IoT Monitoring System

Our IoT system helps you to monitor and adjust the drying process in real time, cutting costs and improving efficiency. You can monitor the data anywhere and anytime.

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Create Positive Impact on Environment and Community

Using solar power, our Greenhouse Glass Dryer promotes sustainable agriculture and provides clean energy, minimizing greenhouse emissions. Besides, the technology empowers you to improve food security and promote sustainable agriculture.

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Our First Greenhouse Glass Dryer

in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

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