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Dry Smart,
Dry Green

Solve your drying problems with our affordable,
effective and sustainable solar drying solutions.

A Different Way to Dry: Powered by Sun Energy


Speed up your drying process by up to 50% using solar power, as compared to conventional drying methods.


Reduce your operational cost and labour cost with free and renewable energy and automated system.


Produce your products in an enclosed and controlled environment to retain the nutrients and prevent contamination and spoilage.


Conduct batch processing, real time monitoring and analysis with our Internet of Things (IoT) management system.

Discover the best solar drying solution for your business

Explore how our solar drying solutions improve lives

Sun-powered Drying: Harvest the Future with Sustainable Solutions

We aim to become the most recognized and sustainable natural solar dryer in the world.


What is Solar Drying? Using Chilli as Case Study

A surprising fact that there are so many foods can be sun-dried, it could be the most affordable and effective post-harvest solution…

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Shall We Get to Know Some Facts Regarding Types of Solar Dryers?

Solar drying technology was invented around 1950’s as a solution to the common issue related to open sun drying…

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How Internet of Things (IoT) In The Solar Dryer Can Improve Profitability And Productivity

In this post, we will be sharing with you what makes a smart greenhouse solar dryer “smart”. And the answer is using the Internet of Things (IoT)…

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3 Reasons Why Greenhouse Solar Dryer Dries Better Than Open Sun Drying

There are two ways to dry tomatoes using the sun: greenhouse solar dryer and open sun drying. However, we believe a greenhouse solar dryer does the job better…

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