About Us

Our Story

Our story started with the needs of our first client in Sarawak. They were looking for an effective drying solution that suits their current financial situation. Investing in drying machine is expensive, and their current open sun
drying method is not hygienic. That is how we invented the Greenhouse Solar Dryer! We are on a mission to transform effective drying technology by insulating natural solar heat in the glass greenhouse which then enables large scale
drying in a safe, nutritious, and hygienic manner.

Our Vision

To become the most recognize and sustainable natural solar dryer in the world.

Our Mission

To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one greenhouse and one community at a time

Our Value

Kaizen - continuous improvement to find new ways to strive for better

Our Patent

Greenhouse Solar Dryer is one of the innovative sustainable solutions developed by Bernard Business Consulting Sdn. Bhd. All patent rights are according to the Malaysia Patent Act.

Our Commitment to Zero Corruption

Our company adheres to strict regulations on zero corruption policy. See our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.