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First in Sarawak – Case Study

Greenhouse Solar Dryer is a new invention for clients who need an affordable and effective drying solution. We have successfully built the first greenhouse solar dryer using double-glazed glass for our small-scaled seafood manufacturer client in Sarawak, Malaysia.
This greenhouse provides an effective drying solution for them that face weather and hygiene challenges during their daily open-sun seafood drying process. The greenhouse solar dryer traps natural solar heat radiation which is then insulated within the greenhouse. Hence, the drying time is shorter and possibly even at night compared to the conventional open-sun drying.
According to research, the open-sun drying method does not only attracts flies, dust and other microbes, it is also a hassle during the rainy season. With an enclosed greenhouse structure, these are no longer a problem. Producers would obtain a higher and better quality yield. Ultimately, the income of farmers or small-to-medium entrepreneurs would be improved.

We understand that budget is every business owner’s concern. Hence, we provided a cost-effective solar dryer where it is cheaper than a machinery-based dryer. Most importantly, solar dryer requires very low maintenance which helps the business owner to reduce operational cost. 
Our work does not stop here. We constantly improve ourselves to help current and new clients to achieve their goals. We are targeting to publish more research information to cater to different needs from various sectors.

We look forward to more greenhouse solar dryer installed in the ASEAN region and other sustainable innovative solution that could positively impact the environment and community.

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